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This is over 110 years since Wojtek Zajac family, which loved reliable, saddler and leather craft, has processed leather in industrial way.
Foundations of our company were lied at the beginning of XX century in USA where our Great-grandfather established a shoe factory. WOZA Hunde und Reitsportartikel for more than 30 years has specialized in manufacturing of exclusive products for Dogs, Cats hunting and Horsemanship.
We are proud that products designed and manufactured exclusively in Poland set trends in the leather accessories for animals all over the word.
Currently, we produce more than 10.000 articles in 3 categories and 20 specially programs which are sold in Europe, Japan, North America and South Africa . Our products are made of highest quality components. Our leather is treated in a unique tanning process which ensures that colours are extremely durable ad water resistant. Our leather is sourced from one specific herd of high-altitude Alpine-Swiss cattle. These free roaming and organic cows live long and happy lives high in the Alps. The low temperature there encourage a layer of fat which helps to produce the softest and strongest leather available. Thickness of this leather is about 10 mm. From this we produce among other things rolled leads and collars ’Round’ with diameter 6-15 mm. We work with 11 colours of genuine cow’s full leather (thick leather), 22 colours of genuine cow’s Napa, 10 colours of coupons leather. Our tradesmen are renowned firms from European Union (EU). We have available fittings plated with  24-carat gold, made from argentan, cost brass and steel nickel – plated. Ornaments used in our products have fittings resistant to breakage. We use many kinds of joints, two part machines rivets, rapids rivet with higher endurance, rivets from plastic with highest endurance, or joints sew mechanically or manually, depending to the class of the article.

From the very beginning, we were receiving feedback from breeders and cynologists and incorporated it into our products.

In WOZA, important part of our production have been products made to order for individual customers from around the world. In our Gallery, you can browse through different products in order to familiarize yourself with our offer e.g. available colours, designs, styles, etc.

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